Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages to using a springfeed system?

 There are several:

  1. Fast follow-up shots
  2. Stay on target as you shoot (no need to rock and cock)
  3. Reliability - you can count on your next shot not being a dry fire
  4. Usable autotrigger
  5. Less prone to jamming (vs. gravity fed)
  6. Same low profile as a stock class feed

I've heard 3D printed parts break easily. Are your products durable enough for paintball?

After several tests I have determined that all of my parts are tough enough to withstand the rigors of paintball.  The mounts have survived multiple direct hits at point blank range, as did the mounting rings.

I stand by my designs and my products.  If your parts break, please use the contact form and get in touch and I will make it right.  I only ask that you take pictures of the damage so I can see exactly how the break occurred - it helps with R&D.

I don't have a Phantom. Can I use your SpringPheed on another gun?

The mounting dimensions for my SpringPheeds are unique to the markers they are designed for, but the Phantom FastPheed mounts will also work on the Phantom Revolution.  The FastPheed mounts will also likely work on any marker adapted to use the CCI Feedblock, provided that the marker body is round and close to 1" diameter.  The DualPheed requires the rear sight holes to mount, which are lacking on the Revolution.

I have developed Gen3 FastPheeds for the T2 and the Empire Mini GS (the latter which may also work on the Axe), and am working on one for the Hammer 7 as well.

I also offer custom work!  Take a lot of pictures and measurements, or if you prefer, send you barrel and body in to me and I will mock up the design for you.  All custom projects must be discussed with me beforehand using the contact form.

I want the Generation 1 style SpringPheed. Are they available?

Unfortunately I'm no longer set up to make Gen1 SpringPheeds, which are more complicated to produce than my current line of Pheeds.

Do you offer lower mounts for undercocking kits?

This was done in my first run, but ended up adding unnecessary complexity for a barely noticeable benefit.  It also had the drawback of weakening some of the 3d printed parts, so I decided to standardize all ring heights going forward.

My SpringPheed isn't working right. Can you figure out what's wrong?

Please see my Troubleshooting page.

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