SpringPheed Generations

Initial Design


This is the concept sketch that started everything.  Initially I wanted a shotgun-style PGPhantom so to speak.  I drew this one day, mostly from memory, when I was bored at work.

Gen0 Prototype


My first working SpringPheed used a universal shotgun barrel clamp, a piece of square aluminum tubing as one half of the mount (epoxied onto the tube), and a ground-down 1" scope ring as the other half (to interface with the marker body).  The front sight was taken from a PGP.



The Gen1 kept the same full-tube design as the prototype, but used a 3D printed spacer mount and front barrel ring.  

One new concept introduced in this variant was the Airsoft BB detent system to retain feedplug tension, instead of the O-ring design of the prototype.  This was not only easier to produce but easier to actuate, and made a tactile click when the gate was fully opened or closed.

Gen2 Silver


The Gen2 SpringPheed introduced the 3D printed "receiver" concept and the front ring with integrated iron sight, while retaining the original feedplug/feedport design of the Gen1.  

The idea of an interchangeable "back cap" system to add adjustable sights and picatinny rails originated with this design, and it was also the first to incorporate an integral picatinny rail (Gold) and adjustable sights (Platinum) on the mount body.

Gen3 FastPheed


The Gen3 FastPheed has similar styling  to the Gen2, with one major change - the FastPheed "trapdoor" style automatic feedgate, allowing you to load paintballs from the top by simply pushing the feedgate open with your 10rd tube.

This generation maintains the ability to use a red dot sight, as it clears the 5" Phantom rail.  Iron sights are integral to the mount, and the back cap system has been discontinued.

Gen4 FastPheed & DualPheed


With the Gen4 FastPheed and DualPheed, I approached the idea of an automatic feedgate differently from the Gen3; I used a "turnstile" feedgate that would allow paintballs to load from the back, but would feed paintballs into the breech when pressure was applied from the front.  

This allowed me to incorporate a rear ball reserve that would act as storage until all paintballs in the springfeed were consumed; you simply jolt the marker forward, and the reserved paintballs are loaded for use in the springfeed.  The DualPheed was born.