Latest News

Pheed Availability

My next batch of ~54 SpringPheeds are now available and are for sale in my store.  Unlike the first batch, these tubes are anodized instead of powder-coated.  The design of the mounts has also been updated for increased durability. 

Product Development

Right now I'm working on creating a universal mounting system that clamps onto the barrel instead of the marker body; this will work on most markers so long as the feedneck is removable.  I am designing both vertical feed versions as well as side-feed versions (i.e. for warp feed mag bodies).  I am also working on a QuadPheed (a twin DualPheed for Phoenix-kitted Phantoms).  Subscribe below for more updates!


In addition to Pheeds, I'm working on several marker accessories that would be suitable for 3D printing, including 12g CO2 cartridge holders and a stock class adapter for CCM markers.  A 3D printed lever kit is still a pipe dream but maybe one day!